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I'm really enjoying several javascript courses by Wes Bos. I'm currently using this one and 30 days Javascript.

Intro to arrow functions

I found this post pretty easy to follow.

Learn you node

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A great intro to 'this' in Javascript

It's often easy to get by knowing that some code just works, without really understanding how it works. This posts helps explain one of those areas.

​Part 2: Creating my first HTTP server in Node.js

I recently wrote about my first dive into Node.js. Here's part two where I managed to get the server to read and return the correct file includes....

Creating my first HTTP server in Node.js

Until now, my job as a front-end developer has been writing HTML, CSS and JS... I'm referring to the kind of JavaScript which might add behaviour to a site—client-side JavaScript. That's what I considered a front-end developer to do. But for a while things have been changing....

Node school

Recommended by Andy Dennis.  These tutorials are great.

JavaScript For Cats

"So easy your human companion could do it too!"

How hard can it be? 

A reusable Javascript toggle pattern

This is a toggle pattern that can be reused multiple times on a page with options to customise parts of it. It is a very common pattern, so I've been keen to get it documented for future use....

JavaScript week #2: YDKJS notes

We have started a book club in the dev team at Clearleft and our first read is You Don't Know JS: Up & Going, the first of five books in a series by Kyle Simpson. ...

JavaScript week #1: Randomly pick content from an array

Here's how to randomly pick content from an array of items in JavaScript. ...

Check all: A JavaScript pattern to check a group of checkboxes

The check all pattern allows a user to check or uncheck a group of checkboxes (or radio boxes) by checking a single box that controls the rest of the group...

JavaScript notes: classes and object literal notation

Some notes about javascript classes, object literal notation and terminology...

The first item in my JavaScript toolkit: A number input spinner

I decided that the time had come to get my head around JavaScript, so with some great teaching from Jeremy, I have finally reached a point where I can write some JavaScript myself. In this example, I have built a small, yet common pattern: A number input spinner....