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Design Baton Relay

A nice exercise shared by Clearleft, which has inspired an exercise I'm running with my team at Atlassian.

Kicking off Design Week

​My second week at Atlassian is Design Week. Design Week is an annual event where designers, writers, researchers and prototypers at Atlassian—approx 150 in total from across the globe—get together in Sydney for a week to share their team's progress and learn from each other...

The new Google fonts site

The Google Fonts site redesign is great.

translucent—keep Twitter banner images noise free

A tool which turns a single pixel on the top left corner of an image to 99.6% opacity, so that Twitter doesn't mess with the image once it's uploaded.

The veil of Ignorance

Great article on web accessibility. 

From Pages to Patterns: An Exercise for Everyone

Language defines the life of components. A “blue button” will work until the button is no longer blue—and then the name won’t make sense anymore. The pattern will have no reason to exist if blue buttons have fallen out of use...

The beautifully designed opening titles for Beyond Tellerand​

All the speakers form the ingredients for a delicious looking rum cake.

URL Design

URL design is sometimes forgotten. This article is a few years old, but a great read on designing URL structures.