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Respond Conf 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Respond Conference, the responsive web design branch of Web Directions. It was my first conference attendance in Sydney since moving here. It was great fun. Are you sad you missed it? Then worry not because I’m sharing some of my notes...

Kicking off Design Week

​My second week at Atlassian is Design Week. Design Week is an annual event where designers, writers, researchers and prototypers at Atlassian—approx 150 in total from across the globe—get together in Sydney for a week to share their team's progress and learn from each other...

The beautifully designed opening titles for Beyond Tellerand​

All the speakers form the ingredients for a delicious looking rum cake.

Live notes of Responsive Day Out

Live notes of Responsive Day Out by Orde Saunders

Responsive day out 3: the final breakpoint

A great overview of Responsive Day Out by Hidde de Vries.

My first public speaking experience

On Thursday last week, I attended Talk Web Design conference. This wasn't like any other conference for me because for the first time ever, I attended as a speaker...