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Inline SVG spriting and currentColor

A very common use for SVGs are icon systems. When building these I've always gone by a general rule: Add decorative images as background images in CSS and add meaningful images in HTML with appropriate alternative text. This time however, I needed to make an icon system with the flexibility of being in many different colours. So I turned to the currentColor variable in CSS....

Accessible SVGs

Great article on inlining SVGs for decorative and meaningful images.

SVG fallbacks: which method should I use?

One thing we have to remember when we get excited about adding SVGs to our sites is that there are still people out there who can't see them...

A complete guide to SVG fallbacks

A pretty extensive guide to SVG fallbacks. For SVGs in HTML, there are so many choices. This explains the options really well.

data: URI Generator

Handy data: URI generator. Also allows you to opt out of Use base64 encoding.