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Lessons learned from scaling a product team

  • We have a set of guidelines for making decisions
  • We demand clear accountability
  • We obsess over our lightweight, transparent roadmap
  • A culture of goal setting

Article by Paul Adams, VP of Product, Intercom — @padday

Paul Adams

Moving into product

How do you join this growing profession?

Well.. unfortunately, there is no clear path. The stories told to us by many Product Managers suggest that it is a combination of:

base CS

I really like this series of articles on the basics of computer science by Vaidehi Joshi.

What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs To Know About Encodings And Character Sets To Work With Text

A really good article on encoding and character sets.

RDW interview with Nicole Dominguez

"...So for me, sharing what I create on the web and sharing my advice and thoughts is super important because I think that the next generation growing up has to see representation, has to see people who look like them and come from where they come from be successful on the web."

Couldn't agree more with Nicole. I'm very grateful for people like her sharing their knowledge, mentoring and generally being a great role model.

This is a beautiful case study.

I love the animations and use of new CSS like CSS Grid and Feature queries.


I'm really enjoying several javascript courses by Wes Bos. I'm currently using this one and 30 days Javascript.

Intro to arrow functions

I found this post pretty easy to follow.

Learn you node

Signing up to this!

A great intro to 'this' in Javascript

It's often easy to get by knowing that some code just works, without really understanding how it works. This posts helps explain one of those areas.

Design Baton Relay

A nice exercise shared by Clearleft, which has inspired an exercise I'm running with my team at Atlassian.

WTF, forms?

Nice custom form styles with explanations and a CSS file.

How Visible vs. Hidden Elements Affect Keyboard/Screen Reader Users

A great video outlining the differences between visible and hidden elements.

Pragmatic, Practical, and Progressive Theming with Custom Properties

I love this use of custom properties by @csswizardry. Custom properties and @supports are my favourite things right now!

Why I'm Excited About Native CSS Variables

Philip Walton looks at the differences between custom properties and Sass variables... and why they're awesome.

The Amazing Women of CSS

A lovely post by Rachel to celebrate Ada Lovelace day.


A podcast about the latest in tech tools, tips and tricks.

Using Feature Queries in CSS

Everything you need to know about feature queries.

Revisiting the Float Label pattern with CSS

Emil's CSS only version of the float label pattern.

Accessible SVGs

Great article on inlining SVGs for decorative and meaningful images.

Rapid prototyping web applications using Node.js and MongoDB

Another node.js resource

Getting started with Node

Another Node resource.

Node school

Recommended by Andy Dennis.  These tutorials are great.

JavaScript For Cats

"So easy your human companion could do it too!"

How hard can it be? 

Things not to say on stage at a tech event

It isn't nice to feel like the only person in the room who doesn't know something. These are good points to remember when speaking at events.

CSS only accordion

A CSS only accordion example in codepen.

The new Google fonts site

The Google Fonts site redesign is great.

Sublime text projects

Bit late to the party, but I've just discovered Sublime projects.

How to do good at slides. By Alice Bartlett

Really useful post on putting together slides for a presentation.