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Lessons in Bondi

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I like Vegemite. I've been a life long lover of Marmite. I feel bad for liking Vegemite; like I'm cheating on Marmite.

And so it begins.

We hung out in Bondi yesterday. We walked around North Bondi as a potential area to live, strolled along the seafront and went for a dip in the sea. We found a wonderful little place called Gertrude & Alice cafe and bookstore where you can buy a coffee and cake and sit and read, buy or sell books—they have hundreds of books. It's beautiful. I miss bookshops. It is where you will find me for the next three days before I start work.

We also learned some useful lessons.

Lesson one: Rip currents. Everyone who swims in the sea should make it their business to know about these. Know what they look like and avoid them if possible by swimming in patrolled areas. It's important to know how to get out of one.

Lesson two: Run very early or very late in the day. I ran along the coastal walk (which was stunning—beats running along Brighton beach!) at 8am and it was already too hot for me. I woke up at 6am and saw lots of runners on the beach and thought, wow! Now I see why. Ouch. 6am it is.

Lesson three: A lot of restaurants in Bondi are not open on a Monday evening. We planned a posh dinner in a beautiful seafood restaurant on North Bondi beach, but it wasn't open, so we'll save it for tomorrow. We were disappointed. That's until we found a lovely little BYO called Fishmongers Bondi on Hall Street. The oysters were incredible. A bottle of white and a sharing box for two makes a lovely dinner.

Update: We visited North Bondi Fish on Tuesday night and the food was absolutely delicious. My favourites from our choices were the oysters, tacos and scallops. The chips were amazing too. They also serve great cocktails. I recommend getting a seat outside overlooking the beach. There's a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. It's quite pricey, but it's worth the money. In the right weather, it's a must-do in Bondi.