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Hanging out with seals in Lundy

We just spent the bank holiday weekend diving in Lundy Island with some of Tom's family and friends. Lundy is around 12 miles off the coast of Devon. Being a marine conservation zone makes it a great spot for seeing wrecks and seals.

First stop was a night in the beautiful village called Clovelly in North Devon, with great food and company. The village is pretty much one steep hill—I don't know how the residents do it every day.

We set off really early on Saturday morning for Lundy Island and we saw a dolphin (the blob on the right, below)! It was the first time I'd seen a real life dolphin, so I knew it was going to be a good day.

This was my first UK dive and it was nothing like the diving I did on holidays abroad; this was real diving. No dive centre crew to carry our gear and put it together for us. No instructors to lead us around under water. Plus, it was pretty cold.

Things we on the dive saw include seals, a ship wreck, jellyfish, scallops, and a huge lobster. I also got pretty friendly with the kelp as there was a lot of it. A piece of advice I was given: Always wear gloves when meeting and greeting seals because apparently they can give you herpes!

Lundy Island is so beautiful. The pub and campsite are perfectly situated for a great sunset view. Mobile phones are banned in the pub and they used to fine people the cost of a drink for every single person in the pub! I think they have stopped this, but I didn't want to find out. There was no 3G or signal anyway and it didn't matter because it's a place to appreciate.