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Coogee is really lovely. The beach is a little smaller than Bondi, but it's beautiful. It's ocean pool is my favourite from the beaches round here. The beach is smaller than Bondi, but still fairly big. It's much quieter though. It's a more residential version of Bondi, which appeals to me.

There is a great coastal walk from Coogee beach to Maroubra beach, which is in the opposite direction to Bondi. So, you can walk/run to Bondi or Maroubra. Both are great. On the way to Maroubra we saw lots of nice rocks and cliffs by the sea.

Coogee cliffs
Coogee cliffs
Coogee cliffs

It's hilly. We're staying at the top of a hill like this! It makes running challenging! I like it actually. I'm getting into hills and steps now.

Coogee hills

Unfortunately I didn't get to run as much as I wanted to this week because I started work, which was a little overwhelming and busy (in a good way), and it dominated my week. The commute is quite long from here. It's a 45-50 minute bus ride depending on traffic.

The commute gives me time to write, which is nice. I'm using Day One App, which is brilliant. I write in there and then email it to myself when I'm ready to publish in my blog.

Food-wise we had burgers at Moo burger on Coogee Bay Road by the beach. Mine was kangaroo! It was nice. It wasn't spectacular. It didn't make me want to rush back. Kangaroo doesn't look or taste a whole lot different to beef. But now I can say I've tried kangaroo 👍🏼. I haven't even seen one in real life yet. Must do that.

We also ate at Coogee Pavilion which was great! The Pavilion is a vibrant and energetic hub of Coogee. The restaurant is huge. In every direction you can see open kitchens and watch chefs prepare food of different types. At the back is table tennis and upstairs is a bar, which gets pretty busy at night. It's rather nice sitting on the upstairs terrace with a drink in the evening.

We ate pizzas and would highly recommend them.

Pizza at Coogee Pavilion
Pizza at Coogee Pavilion

Having said that, we sat next to the seafood kitchen. The sashimi, crayfish and oysters looked epic, so I'll have those next time.

We're preparing to move to Manly on Sunday. Before that, we are viewing several flats in the area. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get one because moving around so much is getting a little tiring. The rental market is harsh. Flats have one 15 minute slot during the week for viewings and quite often they get let on the first viewing day. If they are not let on the first day, they are open again on a Saturday. On the upside it's because tenants get more rights here than the UK. Fingers crossed for Saturday's viewings.