Avoiding the dreaded questions in my late-twenties

Sometimes you need a change. Something different to shake up the monotony of life, to take a more positive direction, or to follow your dreams. Perhaps a new way of thinking, taking a risk, living in a new place or discovering new things.

Then again, maybe you don't. Sometimes it feels like there's an idea adopted by society about how life should turn out. You could sketch a journey and a timeline that you are expected to follow in life. As a woman in my late twenties and in a relationship of four years, I'm constantly asked the dreaded questions: "Are you thinking of buying a property soon?" and "When are you thinking of having children?" At every wedding people point at me and say "You'll be next". I went to a family gathering yesterday and yep, you got it, I was asked when we are getting married. Geez, talk about pressure.

I'm starting to see people my own age making serious life decisions and planning for the future (all of this is perfectly fine), so I wonder if I should be doing this too, or if it's OK to not know all of the answers yet. People make different choices and find answers in different places. Some choose not to leave home, some find a new home, and some never stop exploring. Some people have children, some people get married. Some choose to do neither. All of this is OK.

The only things I'm sure of right now are loving my favourite people and working hard at the career I'm passionate about. Everything else is a mystery. I don’t think I'm going to fit the usual timeline or stereotypes and I can't tell you where on the map my journey will take me. But, you know what? I'm going to have a great time finding out.