A difficult week. Happy Monday.

I'm not usually glad to see Mondays, but this week I am. Last week was a weird one. I found it hard to switch off from work, which might be because work have put us in a hotel next to our office in the CBD while we wait for our flat in Manly to become available. Our balcony looks at another office and I can only hear cars from our apartment. Usually when I'm in a hotel like this within a business district I'm away for work. When I go away for work, I tend to focus on work. That's what I did last week.

I was tired and stressed all week. I felt homesick for the first time too.

I've missed quite a few special events at home already, including meeting my new niece Aoife as she born just after we left. Last week I missed three events that I'd never have missed: Rosa's birthday, my niece Ella's birthday, Nicky's last day at Clearleft.

Thanks to the internet I can video call people so I don't completely miss everything. I've made a big effort to keep in touch with my friends and family at home. I think it's helped me a lot during my transition to settling here because it felt like I wasn't leaving anyone behind when I could continue talking to them regularly.

Now we've been here for a month. While the calls to people at home are invaluable, I sometimes really wish I could see them in person instead. It's not quite the same.

This week I've also realised that one or two of my friends might be better friends when I'm in Brighton. I'm now very good at messaging, emailing, video calling because they are the only methods I have, but some people are less into that and maybe don't have time to write, so I barely hear from them now.

I know as well as anyone that life gets in the way sometimes, so I shouldn't worry. I know I also need to focus my energy on this experience and enjoying my time here. I hope I've made it clear with my efforts to stay in touch that I'm always at the other end of an email, video call, whatsapp, Facebook, iMessage, etc.

So yes, I'm happy it's Monday. It's a new week and an opportunity to learn from last week. I will leave work at work, sleep more, spend less time in front of my screens and appreciate my surroundings again. I will spend some time with people in Sydney. Live in the moment. 

On Friday we move back to Manly, and into our new home. I think this will make all the difference. It's impossible to feel stressed or sad when you're surrounded by such beautiful outdoors. After all, it's why I fell in love with Sydney.