My first Indie Web Camp

A few weeks ago I wrote about why I was looking forward to my first Indie Web Camp and I wasn't disappointed. I ended last weekend feeling very inspired by lots of interesting discussions like micropub, security issues with web mentions, microformats, getting started with blogs and sharing location data. Spending a weekend with people who are passionate about this was both inspiring and motivating.

The day kicked off with quick demos of everyone's websites. This was a really good way to see who knows what and to find out what everyone wants to achieve over the weekend. My website is relatively new and since I'm new to the world of Indie Web, I didn't have much to demonstrate at the start. Telling everyone how my site worked and what I planned to do was great though, because several people approached me with resources and ideas. I'd advise anyone who is new to Indie Web Camp to demo their site, even if like me there isn't much to show. Everyone is willing to help and if they don't know who you are and what you want to do, they won't know if they can help you.

On Sunday, I worked through IndieMark, which is the metric for determining the Indie Web-ness of a website. It felt like a good place to start. I added microformats to my markup very easily and started working on webmentions. I used the Craft plugin made by Jason Garber to send webmentions. I also started working on receiving them and I added a notes section, which will be visible once I figure out how to post from my site to Twitter and Flickr.

I found myself spending a lot of time reading and absorbing. Whilst I didn't finish adding as much functionality as I hoped, my learning was vast and I left with lots of ideas and a big to-do list for my website.

Something I loved was the ease of building the basic Indie Web foundations into my website. Microformats are really powerful because when the markup is parsed, it contains a lot of information that can be used for other things. Yet I loved how easy they were to implement, meaning that everyone could start and finish something over the weekend. I'm keen to keep working on my site and hopefully next year I will have a lot more to demo on the first morning.

What a great weekend and what a great bunch of people.