Design Week One

Kicking off Design Week

My second week at Atlassian is Design Week. Design Week is an annual event where designers, writers, researchers and prototypers at Atlassian—approx 150 in total from across the globe—get together in Sydney for a week to share their team's progress and learn from each other. It's a combination of talks, workshops, hacking and socialising. A great chance to meet and work with people from different offices and product teams.

We started off by looking at the previous years of Design Week and how it has evolved. The team has grown massively over the last few years!

Then we received updates on this year's progress from all the teams. Now there's a few of us Prototypers around, hopefully there will be an update from the Prototyping team next year.

The Atlassian values that have really stood out for me so far are "Build with heart and balance", "Play as a team" and "Open company, no bullshit". It's important to be human when designing for technology. A good team should have a shared empathy and trust, which will hopefully help us build the best products we can for humans. We talked a lot about how we can care for ourselves and our team when we're at work. How we can be more productive, stay focussed and recognise when our team need support, and more. I've been thinking about mindfulness a lot lately, so it really resonated with me.

We also had an introduction from the Trello team. I'm very excited about this acquisition! I love Trello. I use it to organise and plan almost everything in my life.

During the breaks and lunch I spent most of the time talking to people I've never met before. We are being encouraged to talk to people we don't know. I enjoy meeting new people so this was great.

The ended day with an improv exercise for all 150 people! Lots of fun.

Finally, we headed to a pub for a few beers by Darling harbour before I took the ferry home to Manly.

I'm feeling inspired and ready for day three!