Today I gave my first public talk on product management. It was about how we turned our system around at Ansarada by approaching it as a product. I shared my journey of transitioning into product management through this change of working. It was an accidental transition of my role. I was a developer on the design system, and I knew there were challenges, but I couldn't continue developing while leaving them unsolved.

So I went on a mission and I identified the challenges with our design system and I came up with a plan, which I sent to my manager and the CTO. I had several conversations with my manager, as well as the CTO and CPO at Ansarada. I was passionate about making these changes. Eventually it was agreed that I could focus on this and I was offered the PM role. “Why not?” I thought. I knew the work needed to be done to address our challenges and if that was under the role of PM, then fine. I knew the domain so well that it was a gentle transition, and I had support from a great mentor at Ansarada.

This presentation also marks the end of an era for me because I’ve decided to completely focus my career on commercial product management now—moving my focus away design systems. It’s time for a new challenge, a new obsession. I want to influence change in new areas.

I need to draw a line under my safety area and push myself to learn new things.

I feel safe that I’m leaving our design system in a good place. Adoption is high. The team are ready to build a world class design system.

Slides are available here: