Customer journey map

Customer journey mapping

Last week Andrea and I met a new customer for coffee. The aim of the meeting was to learn about her work and processes. We wanted to know what a typical day looks like for her and what her pain points are. It was awesome; the customer had an hour to spend with us and she had lots of experiences to share with us.

We documented the notes in a shared space and today we turned it into a customer journey map.

What is a customer journey map?

In the past I have got the impression that a journey map needs to represent every possible nuance of a customer experience. I thought it would take ages to build a useful journey map. I was wrong. It’s actually a great way to visualise research, even if it’s based on one persona.

Why is it useful?

•  We can map out each step clearly

•  We can identify gaps in our knowledge and ask questions

•  We can see where lots of activity happens and drill into it

•  We can see where pain points occur

•  We can identify opportunities 

When we do another customer interview, we can create another map. Eventually we can combine research into an accurate picture.

We’ve put this on the wall to share it with others and it will help keep the user at the front of our priorities.