Countdown to Indie Web Camp Brighton

Have you ever asked yourself what happens if Twitter freezes your account, loses your data or goes out of business? What if you wanted to move all your Facebook photos to another site? How would you get your data back?

Our content is important to us, so why do we leave it in the hands of startups, organisations and large web companies? Surely it makes sense that we, as creators of our data, should be the owners and holders of it.

This year, I'm co-organising Indie Web Camp in Brighton with Jeremy and Tatiana. This will be my first ever Indie Web Camp and I'm really looking forward to it for several reasons. Firstly, I love learning. I like meeting new people in the industry; learning from them and learning with them. Indie Web Camp brings together a group of people for two days of discussions, coding, design and teaching. Building solutions and solving problems together. What a great way to work.

Secondly, I care about the web and I care about my data. Indie Web is all about moving away from big silos controlling our digital profiles and data. It's core principles are about finding ways to run our own sites; publishing content on our own domains first, then syndicating out to silos. I want to figure out how to keep control of my information—particularly photos, while staying connected to friends and family on Facebook and Flickr. I want to keep my own record of what I share on Twitter. I've been thinking about this issue for some time and I wish I had attended an Indie Web Camp before now.

The reason I didn't attend last time is because I didn't know if I had enough experience to spend a weekend working on something completely new. Turns out it doesn't matter how much experience you have. Plus, I know I won't be the only new person at Indie Web Camp. The idea is that we figure out solutions together. The first day is full of discussions where we can share ideas. On the second day, we will implement what we discussed, either in groups or individually.

I'd also like to point out that you don't need to call yourself a developer. It would be really great to meet designers too. I'm equally keen to find solutions that are visually appealing as well functional. As Jeremy says in his post:

There are two kinds of people who should come to Indie Web Camp Brighton:
  1. Someone who has their own website and is looking to make it better, and
  2. Someone who wants their own website.

So, if you're into designing and/or developing for the web, whatever your experience (student, graduate, new to the industry or experienced), you have your own website or want a website, you should come to Indie Web Camp Brighton. It's on 11th & 12th July 2015 at 68 Middle Street, Brighton. Jeremy outlines the simple sign up steps at the end of his blog post. It's easy to sign up and it's free.

Hope to see you there.