Codebar Brighton came to Clearleft

Codebar is a weekly workshop, mentoring women, LGBTQ and other minorities in tech the basics of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby. Every Tuesday brings pizza, knowledge sharing, networking and general awesomeness, thanks to the dedication of the organisers Rosa, Dot and Ryan.

Last week, Codebar came to Clearleft for the second time and I had a blast being a host for the night. It is usual for somebody to say a few words at the start of Codebar, so I was asked to give a short talk about my journey into coding and what advice I would give to people starting out. My advice was this:

Learn from people in the industry; go to events, meet ups and conferences, and learn from the speakers and people you meet. If you can't afford to buy conference tickets when you are starting out, find out about volunteering as it's a great way to get involved. I learn lots from others in the industry, particularly from what they share online. It's one of the things I love about the web community; how willing so many people are to share their knowledge and help others learn.

Some great advice I received from Jeremy recently is to have your own website and share what you learn. Now, you may be thinking that people will already know whatever you're learning, so what's the point? This was my initial reaction too, but there are several reasons for doing this:

Readers often get a better understanding of articles or tutorials when they are written by the learner, rather than the expert. Writing things down also helps you to understand them, and you can look back at what you've learnt in the future. I regularly find myself referring to previous blog posts when I work on projects, which makes it a really useful resource to have. And finally, there are lots of people out there learning to code, so it's likely that at least one person will benefit from your blog, and that includes you.