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My Clearleft journey

Just over two years ago, I joined Clearleft as a Junior Developer and last week I left to begin a new chapter...

My talk writing process (so far)

I'm still pretty new to public speaking and therefore talk writing, so I'm still figuring out the best techniques. I've only written a couple of talks so far, so I have a long way to go, but the process I've followed feels like a good starting point....

My talk at Dot York: Learn and Teach

At Dot York, I talked about my learning journey; why I joined Clearleft and what it's been like since. It was just a ten minute talk, which felt long enough because I gave an open and honest account of my journey so far...

Front-end development blog by Ire Aderinokun

This is a really nice example of someone documenting their learning.

Be comfortable looking like an idiot

I get nervous about public speaking; I don't have much experience (hopefully this won't be for long) and I don't think I am a natural in front of an audience. Sometimes this impacts my confidence. So I'm working on ways to overcome it...

How to code in HTML for beginners

A great book that I recommend to Codebar students.


I admit to being a culprit of this when I started out and I learnt a while ago that I would get more satisfaction out of learning and understanding the code I'm writing. It's a great feeling when something you made really works!

My first public speaking experience

On Thursday last week, I attended Talk Web Design conference. This wasn't like any other conference for me because for the first time ever, I attended as a speaker...

Flexbox in 5

This takes you through a series of steps to create flexbox layouts. I like the explanations that go with each step. A nice tool for learning the basics.


This is a playground for learning flexbox. I also like that it shows all of the vendor prefixes in the generated code.

Codebar Brighton came to Clearleft

Codebar is a weekly workshop, mentoring women, LGBTQ and other minorities in tech the basics of web development languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby...

Here it goes

This week I set up my personal website. I work on websites every day, but I always find that I never have time to work on my own. So, in order to just get something out there, I ran with whatever I could throw together on Saturday morning...