Peru diaries: Food in Lima

6th September 2016: The arrival.

We arrived in Lima this evening. Tom had read about some bad experiences in Lima airport and taxis around there—mainly robberies—so we hid our valuables in Tom's shoe inside a suitcase! We arrived safely. It's recommended that you don't use mobile phones, cameras or any valuables in taxis to avoid drawing attention to yourselves as tourists. It's also advisable to leave all bags and suitcases locked in the boot to make them inaccessible to opportunist thieves. We travelled with a large taxi company at the airport and thereafter used taxis recommended by our hotels, which worked well for us.

It took 1.5 hours to reach our hotel, which turned out to be quite far from town, in a pretty affluent residential area with not a lot to see. Not quite what we planned, but the silver lining was that it was only 10 minutes away from one of the most beautiful restaurants we have ever dined in.

Astrid & Gastón

When it comes to Peruvian chefs, Gaston Acurio is considered a bit of a hero, so I feel rather privileged to have tasted the incredible culinary creations on offer at two of his restaurants in Lima.

We were recommend Astrid & Gastón by a colleague. We opted for the 10 course tasting menu along with wine pairing. It was exquisite. Not just incredible food and wine, but the whole experience was brilliant. We spent the entire evening there with plenty of time to enjoy each course—you need plenty of time for 10 courses! The price reflects everything that was great about it, so it's a special occasion restaurant. We considered our honeymoon a good reason for this indulgence :-)

Some our favourite dishes included sea urchin and guinea pig, trumped by ceviche prepared to a recipe over 100 years old. So delicious!

Astrid and Gaston food
Astrid and Gaston food
Astrid and Gaston food

La Mar

For us, Lima was just a short stopover in order to reach to Cusco. We didn't have long, so we made sure we got to the coast and visited Gaston Acurio's seafood creation in Miraflores, called La Mar. You can't leave Lima without trying the food that Peru is well-known for. And if you're going to try it, you might as well go to one of the best cevicherias in Lima. They had a pretty good beer selection too. They also serve the best chocolate cake we've ever tasted. The restaurant closes at 17:00, so it's definitely a lunch time visit.

ceviche in La mar
ceviche in La mar
The best chocolate cake we've ever tasted!

We loved the food so much, we bought Gaston's recipe book. We highly recommended it!

Gaston Acurio's Peru recipe book