Here it goes

This week I set up my personal website. I work on websites every day, but I always find that I never have time to work on my own. So, in order to just get something out there, I ran with whatever I could throw together on Saturday morning. It is mostly black and white. No fancy fonts, no pretty CSS, no JavaScript. But I have a CMS and I can publish words.

As a web developer I thought I needed an impressive site, so I put off building it until I had the time to create something beautiful. So I have been living without a website and I haven't been blogging. What use is that to anyone?

Now I have a blank canvas that I can enhance and improve as often as I like, recording my learning journey along the way.

I'm excited about looking back at what I've learnt during the early stages of my career. And if it helps anyone else like me – well that'd just be amazing.