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At Clearleft I've worked on a range of projects for large clients and well-known brands. I mostly build pattern libraries or help teams build their own. I've also built some of Clearleft's conference websites.

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Part 3: We might not need quantity queries thanks to Flexbox

I've learnt that we don't need quantity queries to create a balanced grid. Quantity queries are very powerful, but so is Flexbox. If we just want all the items in the last row to fill the space, regardless of how many there are, then Flexbox can take care of this...

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Handmade wedding invitations

I love an opportunity to get creative and our wedding has been the perfect opportunity! Here are our homemade save the dates and wedding invitations...

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How Visible vs. Hidden Elements Affect Keyboard/Screen Reader Users

A great video outlining the differences between visible and hidden elements.