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At Clearleft I've worked on a range of projects for large clients and well-known brands. I mostly built pattern libraries or helped teams build their own. I also built some of Clearleft's conference websites.

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Hello codebar Sydney!

We’re excited to say that our first workshop will be held at Campaign Monitor on Tuesday 5th September at 6:30pm...

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Diving in Gili Meno

​I can't stop smiling and talking about our diving trip from Gili Meno this week. Three dives wasn't enough. It was incredible...

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RDW interview with Nicole Dominguez

"...So for me, sharing what I create on the web and sharing my advice and thoughts is super important because I think that the next generation growing up has to see representation, has to see people who look like them and come from where they come from be successful on the web."

Couldn't agree more with Nicole. I'm very grateful for people like her sharing their knowledge, mentoring and generally being a great role model.