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Day 4: SME research

Today I spent some time working with Matt our CPO, hearing his story of going through a merger at a previous company. This is the second time this week that I’ve been in a session like this. It’s so useful...

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The design system product

Five months ago I started the role of product manager on our design system at Ansarada. This post documents the journey to thinking of our design system as a product...

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Finding a running community

It's been a year since I joined Pace Run Club in Manly. It holds a lot of firsts and achievements for me in this town. It's the first group I joined; the first local people I met; the first running friends I made in Sydney; I shared my first ever trail races with friends I met at this club....

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Moving into product

How do you join this growing profession?

Well.. unfortunately, there is no clear path. The stories told to us by many Product Managers suggest that it is a combination of: